EI Services provides Environmental Intelligence consultancy with the main focus of liberating the inherent but inaccessible value within an organizations data assets by bridging the gap between IT that knows how to manage data in general and the Business that has specialist knowledge about what the data represents.

At a high level our solutions focus on:

  1. liberating data from standard software tools in order to enable direct and easy access to data from all tools.
  2. linking knowledge about data to the actual data
  3. preventing silo work and storage of non-sharable data

To this end, Environmental Intelligence Services assists in the following areas…

Change Management Implementation

In order to implement the Environmental Intelligence concept into an organization it is vital to have a supporting governance around it. A central point is the Data Warehouse that ties company data and knowledge about the data together across the entire organization. Numerous groups of people having different roles will interact and interfere in the development and general life of the Data Warehouse.

It is vital to map out each of these interacting groups and ensure that they work towards a common goal together without stumbling over each other despite each group at the same time having very different focus areas. Some of the interacting groups that needs to undergo some level of change management during an Environmental Intelligence adaption are:

  • Data Capture specialists
  • Data Management specialists
  • IT architecture specialists
  • Data Analysis and Visualization specialists
  • Subject Area Specialists
  • Staff Managers
  • Market Managers
  • Decision Makers

Technical Software evaluation for EI compliance

Most organizations use a variety of tools to manage their source data. Each tool is carefully designed to support exactly the task that the user has requested to carry out. Generally, source system tools do a good job when used for their intended purpose including management of it’s own data in it’s own restricted formats. However, it is not in any way certain that data from the source systems are prepared for subsequent migration into a Data Warehouse from where the data will be available to the entire organization. EI Services assists with the evaluation of source system data management and determines whether the data is ready for direct Data Warehouse Implementation or additional work is required.

Installation and application of EI-Suite tools

The EI-SUITE tools comprise of EI-CORE and EI-EXPLORER.

To learn more about these tools please visit our software page here.