• Fixed, When adding new rows of data and then switching to another grid, if those 2 grids are kept in sync with each other there might be an error message if the row was newly added and the user clicked in a specific sequence
  • Fixed, error message appeared when filtering by Model Name
  • New, mouse is ‘hot tracked’ when moving over grids. This allows the row under the mouse pointer to be highlighted.
  • Update, Power Edit: When copying/pasting to Excel, the active row was coming across as dark blue and unreadable…caused because Excel doesn’t support transparent colors. Now the active row color is omitted from the copy/paste and it appears fine in Excel
  • New, Active Flag: Throughout EI-CORE items can be tagged as in-active and hidden from view. This allows old/out of date/retired items to be hidden.
  • New, Context: EI-CORE now has ‘Context Awareness’. Users can create context tags and tag objects throughout EI-CORE. When Context is active user’s only see objects that are tagged with that context.
  • Fixed, Output Model Generation: When generating new Output models from an SQL query, columns based on expressions like Min, Max, Count were causing problems. Now fixed.
  • Improved, Everywhere: Improved and Enhanced internal caching so that everything is faster.