• Grids: Grids now show which columns are required by adding the word ‘required’ under the column heading:
Column headings showing required
  • Fixed: Grids: Column Chooser would not close when moving to another grid/tab. Now fixed.
  • Fixed: Data Connections: The comment field would display the entire comment without wrapping text thereby pushing other columns off screen…now fixed.
  • New: Grids: Comments and Descriptions: columns that are edited in multi-line popups can now be edited by simply typing. Previously the editor first had to be opened by clicking the down arrow. Now pressing any key will open the editor. Also Ctrl+Enter can be used to close the editor again.
  • Fixed: Guided Edit: Copy/Paste: Since the introduction of Power Edit, copy/paste in regular mode (Guided Edit) was not behaving intuitively. This has been fixed and copy/paste now works the same as before Power Edit mode was created.
  • Fixed: Lookups: Attribute Type: Newly added types did not get their default ‘preferred’ flag set. The preferred tag is used to let users indicate the preferred type and should be yes or no. If not set, it would indicate ‘null’ in other parts of EI-CORE. This had no affect though – just visually not right.
  • Fixed: Activity Manager: Pressing Save in the designer created an error because the template was in design mode. Fixed.
  • Fixed: Tools: Sometimes a tool would be opened and then the user would navigate to another area of EI-CORE. Now the user can’t move on until the tool is closed. This only occurs when the tool needs to interact with the main grid.
  • Updated: Code Manager: Removed unused query building widget from right side…this has been replaced by toolbar buttons.
  • Fixed: Applications & Services: A bug was causing an error message to appear when this modules were opened in some situations (After the error message the modules still worked as expected). Fixed.
  • Updated: Grids: Order column typically shows the order as a number with 5 decimals places (e.g. 1.00000). Now trailing zeroes are hidden and if the Order is ‘0’ a dash is shown instead of a zero. (Zero typically indicates that the order has not been set and is probably not important for the current view).
  • Updated: Query Builder: Table columns were not honouring the Order set in EI-CORE in some cases. Fixed.
  • Updated: Schema Import/Sync: Added support to capture Primary Key during schema import and sync.
  • Updated: Schema Import/Sync: Column order now starts at 1 instead of 0 to be consistent throughout EI-CORE (generally, zero means order has not been set).
  • Updated: Input & Output Schemas: Input & Output Schema now show column so all columns can be flagged as Attribute vs Primary Key(s)
  • New: Output Schemas: A new tool has been created to help users create Output Models. In this release, you can choose an Input source/schema and build your output model by basing it upon an existing Input model. In addition you can also create a Translation between the two if desired.